Harga Canon EOS 70D seperti DSLR Canon lainnya berharga sama antara satu toko dengan toko kamera lainnya. Meskipun ada perbedaan, hanya sedikit sekali. Karena itu informasi Harga Canon EOS 70D di bawah ini cukup akurat untuk Anda jadikan referensi. Ada beberapa toko yang menyediakan Canon EOS 70D dengan atau tanpa WiFi, ada juga yang hanya menyediakan built-in WiFi. Berikut Panduan Membeli sajikan informasi Harga Canon EOS 70D dari sumber terpercaya. Harga berikut terupdate akhir 2013, atau bulan Desember 2013.

Harga Canon EOS 70D, Body Only, Kit 1, 2, 3Berikut ini adalah daftar harga Canon EOS 70D dari Body Only, Kit 1, Kit 2, dan Kit 3 dengan serta tanpa WiFi.

  • Harga Canon EOS 70D Body without Wifi: Rp 10.320.000
  • Harga Canon EOS 70D Body built-in Wifi: Rp 11.030.000
  • Harga Canon EOS 70D Kit 1 (EF-S18-55 IS STM) without Wifi: Rp 12.000.000
  • Harga Canon EOS 70D Kit 1 (EF-S18-55 IS STM) built-in Wifi: Rp 12.460.000
  • Harga Canon EOS 70D Kit 2 (EF-S18-135 IS STM) without Wifi: Rp 14.475.000
  • Harga Canon EOS 70D Kit 2 (EF-S18-135 IS STM) built-in Wifi: Rp 14.960.000
  • Harga Canon EOS 70D Kit 3 (EF-S18-200 IS) built-in Wifi: Rp 15.680.000

Canon EOS 70D merupakan DLSR penerus Canon EOS 60D dengan layar swivel. Kecepatan Canon EOS 70D hampir menyamai Canon EOS 7D yakni 7fps dalam continuous shoot mode berbanding 8fps pada Canon EOS 7D. Resolusi sensornya pun meningkat menjadi 20.7 MP.

Menurut dpreview, berikut adalah beberapa poin penting tentang Canon EOS 70D, termasuk kelebihan dan kekurangannya.

Fitur Utama Canon EOS 70D

  • 20.2MP APS-C ‘Dual Pixel CMOS AF’ sensor
  • DIGIC 5+ image processor
  • ISO 100-12800 standard, 25600 expanded
  • 7fps continuous shooting, burst depth 65 JPEG / 16 Raw
  • ‘Silent’ shutter mode
  • 1080p 30 video recording, stereo sound via external mic
  • 19-point AF system, all points cross-type, sensitive to -0.5 EV
  • 63-zone iFCL metering system
  • 98% viewfinder coverage, 0.95x magnification, switchable gridlines and electronic level display
  • Fully-articulated touchscreen, 1040k dot 3? ClearView II LCD, 3:2 aspect ratio
  • Single SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Single-axis electronic level
  • Built-in flash works as off-camera remote flash controller
  • AF microadjustment (can be set individually for up to 40 lenses, remembered by lens serial number)
  • In-camera High Dynamic Range and Multiple Exposure modes (JPEG-only)
  • ‘Creative Filter’ image processing styles, previewed in live view

Kelebihan dan kekurangan Canon EOS 70D

Kelebihan Canon EOS 70D

  • Dual Pixel AF makes movie and live view modes more usable
  • Good heft without being too large to hold
  • High ISO shots are quite usable, even above ISO 6400
  • Excellent LCD and responsive touchscreen
  • Special coating minimizes fingerprint smudges from touchscreen use
  • Articulated LCD for shooting from odd angles made more useful by fast, precise AF
  • 7 fps shooting speed
  • Silent shutter mode
  • AF Microadjustment
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for transferring and capturing photos
  • Good range of HD video features (including stereo mics and mic jack)
  • Single-axis electronic level (in-viewfinder display simplified compared to 7D)
  • Built-in flash serves as remote control for external EX flashes
  • In-camera Raw processing

Kekurangan Canon EOS 70D

  • Dual Pixel AF does not allow tracking autofocus while shooting continuously
  • Relatively small viewfinder
  • LCD blacks out completely during continuous shooting in live view
  • AF illuminator integrated into flash (must have flash engaged to use it)
  • Complicated Wi-Fi setup
  • Movie mode disabled when Wi-Fi is enabled
  • HDR mode unavailable if Raw is active (rather than disengaging Raw)
  • Only one SD card slot
  • Levels indicator only shows roll, not pitch
  • Disappointing battery life in live view mode

Itulah informasi tentang Canon EOS 70D, semoga bermanfaat.


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